Do personal services income apply to you?

15 July 2023

If over half the income you’ve received from a contract is a reward for your personal efforts or skills (rather than from the use of assets, the sale of goods, or from a business structure), then your income is classified as personal services income (PSI). You can receive PSI in

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AI – A Smart Move for Small Business

15 July 2023

There has been a lot of media coverage about recent breakthroughs in artificial intelligence (AI) and new applications suitable for small business, but how exactly can a small business utilise AI and reap the benefits? Artificial intelligence has come a long way from being the realm of science fiction to

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Almost Half of Mid-Market Businesses still Double Handling Data

5 May 2023

A new survey has found mid-market operators are having to juggle as many as five different business management tools, causing efficiency, productivity loss and greater security risks. MYOB’s latest survey of over 1000 Australian and New Zealand mid-market business operators (that’s businesses with 20-500 full-time employees or equivalent) shows that it’s

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