Rental Investor? How to get your Tax Return Right

14 October 2023

With Treasury estimating the government misses out on billions in potential tax revenue from rental property deductions and the ATO recently warning extra care is needed when lodging returns with this type of income, rental investors can consider themselves well and truly in the tax man’s sights. In fact, the ATO’s Random Enquiry Program

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Ignite your Entrepreneurial Spirit

14 October 2023

Entrepreneurs have long been instrumental in changing the way we live and work. Just think about Thomas Edison’s inventions when you switch on a light, the contribution of Henry Ford to the motor industry as you jump behind the wheel of your car, or even the way Steve Jobs transformed

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Why it’s Important to Understand Your Customers

7 September 2023

Do you know which of your customers are the most profitable? Are they repeat customers who buy often, or are they customers who purchase less regularly? Being able to tap into this kind of knowledge is essential to business success. ​Understanding customers If you can focus on your customers and

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