Tax and the Super After-Life

28 November 2023

Many people assume there is no tax payable on super benefits received after someone passes away, but that’s not always the case. Whether or not tax is paid on a super death benefit depends on the beneficiary’s relationship with the deceased. Although some beneficiaries receive their money tax-free, others can

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How to Start a Conversation About Money

28 November 2023

Why it’s so important to talk about your finances According to this research1, one in two Australians don’t sit down regularly to look at their finances and one in three say that money is a source of conflict in their relationship. To put conversations about money back on the table,

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Keeping Your Small Business Cyber Secure

28 November 2023

Cybersecurity has been in the news a lot lately. Australia recently witnessed large-scale data breaches that affected some of the country’s most prominent corporations. These highlighted that no business is impervious to cyber-attacks, which is why it’s especially important for small business owners to protect their businesses against cyber threats.

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