The 1% Rule – Tiny Changes Add Up to a Big Difference

7 September 2023

Personal transformation can be challenging. We all have habits we’d like to break and behaviours we’d like to do more of. But when we do some self-examination and think about what is involved in navigating change, it can seem overwhelming to get to where we need to be, whether that

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Does Personal Services Income Apply to You?

10 August 2023

If over half the income you’ve received from a contract is a reward for your personal efforts or skills (rather than from the use of assets, the sale of goods, or from a business structure), then your income is classified as personal services income (PSI). You can receive PSI in

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Harnessing the Power of LinkedIn to Build your Personal Brand

6 August 2023

Harnessing the power of LinkedIn to build your personal brand Linkedin is a powerful tool to help you establish and maintain your reputation and develop your career and business. So, if you either don’t yet have a presence on Linkedin or suspect you may not be getting the best out

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